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Earn even more online money with DonkeyMails


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Links : DonkeyMails
Hi everybody, today’s article is about how to earn more money with donkeymails.

What is DonkeyMails ?
DonkeyMails (www.donkeymails.com) is a Paid To Read/Paid To Click program launched at February 3th 2005. Today they have 600 000 + active users and an impressive  collection of online money making opportunities. Donkey’s have 8 years in business now and managed to stay in the lead with smooth website surfing, multiple money offers and no-minimum/low cash-outs.

How much does it cost to be a member ?

DonkeyMails is free to join. You can earn money as a free member with no obligations to buy/upgrade your membership. You can withdraw your earnings when you reach as low as 1 USD (for PayPal) and even lower for other payment processors. I recommend to upgrade your membership after you have earned and withdraw money from DonkeyMails and you know exactly what are you doing. For registration you will need a free email account and a free PayPal (or other payment processor) to withdraw your money.

What money making opportunities does DonkeyMails offers ?

You can earn money in 10 very easy ways :

1. Earn Cash to Paid To Click
After registration log in and click Paid2Click. Earn money by clicking the links and wait for the specified amont of time (usually 10-15 seconds) and your account will be credited !

2. Earn Cash to Read Emails
Find the YourInbox section and click on it. You will be provided with emails to read on a daily basis. In email click the link marked and wait for the time to expire, that means more cash in your account …

3. Get paid to review
Click Get Paid To Review! . You will be asked to follow a link answer a question about the visited website. Shoot cent after cent !

4. Earn Cash for doing Daily Free Survey Offers

Check for daily surveys as the are better paid. Complete the survey and get credited !

5. Join Free Signup Offers
If you are interested you can make money by joining websites. Click the provided links, join websites and get credited!

6. Earn Cash for Online Shopping at Online Malls!
If you want to buy something online why just don’t check if there is a reward for that ? Buy the things you want and get money back in your Donkey Mails account !

7. Get Paid to Promote Pages
This is a little bit more complicated but not impossible : in Paid To Promote page click Approved Sites. You must join one (ore more) of the websites presented there. You will generate clicks on those websites and you will need to use those clicks on DonkeyMails. You will be paid 0.50 USD / 1000 pages served. Feel free to contact me (use Contact page on earnpage.wordpress.com) for any questions you may have.

8. Win money at  Manual Surf
Oh, this is easy : Click Manual Surf and surf. You can win prizes from time to time. If you have a blog or website you can generate visits or you can use credits to promote other programs.

9. Refer other members
You will earn 10% of what make other members referred by you . Use your referral link and start to promote it !

10. There are a few more others opportunities : gain contests, win in games, become a promoter, do Automatic Signup Offers, join Webmaster Programs, is all up to you !

Tips for success :
– it’s easier to click and read emails but reviews and surveys are better paid.
– all links and emails resets after 20-24 hours so it’s important to be daily logged in at approximately the same hour.
– don’t use email to refer your friends under your account – you will risk to be marked as spammer and your account deleted.
– have fun, you will not need to be logged in for more than 10-15 minutes daily …

That’s it for now, have a nice cents hunt and don’t forget to visit my blog earnpage.wordpress.com for more honest online earning opportunities.

Thank you for reading !

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