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Guide to the CrowdFlower tasks

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Hi everybody, today’s article is about CrowdFlower tasks and how to earn the maximum amount money possible.

What is CrowdFlower ?

CrowdFlower is one of crowdsourcing solutions industry leaders. Instead of operating on their own platform they have choose to publish the tasks on other partner websites. At this point there are 50+ websites featuring CrowdFlower tasks. I’ve had a guess and doing the research for this article it was confirmed : not all platforms pay the same amount of money for the same task …
 What are tasks and who pays for them ?
In a paid-to world full of scams the first questions should always be “where are the money coming from ?” .  There are companies or individuals who needs tasks done. If you have a database of 30,000 business websites and URL’s  and you want to check if the URL is the coresponding business URL you have to choose : hire one single person to check them all – maybe in a 6 weeks time or go to CrowdFlower and have it done in 3 days for the same amount of money.

What platform is the best ?

I’ve done a research but this could change from time to time. I have considered three factors when evaluating platforms : highest pay, payment options and the cash-out required. Now some results :
– Mturk have the highest pay and the highest task offer. But they will pay you with bank transfer (US only) and Amazon gift certificate if you live outside USA, wich has limited/no value if you cannot use them. Payout is the among the highest possible.
– Clixsense – pay just a little below Mturk but you can have the money in your PayPal Account when you reach 6 USD. If you do a complete daily tour you will get an extra 5% bonus of everything you have earned that day and also there is an extra $5 for every $50 of tasks completed. Did I mention the weekly 100$ contest ? Nope, I didn’t .
– I have tested some other platform like GPT Trooper or PointDollars and some more. Yes, you can find the same task with a better pay but not all the time.

I don’t know how to work on tasks, I’ve never did something like that before

There’s nothing to be afraid of : just choose a task you think you can do it and for the first 4 tasks will be in training mode . Pay attention to instructions provided and be sure you have understand them. Do the first 4 tasks as instructed. If you miss one, they will give you another training mode tasks untill you complete 4 tasks correctly. After that you will start to work. Work for money.

Tips for success :
– join the best paying platforms. Compare rates for the same task and choose in your advantage.
– DO NOT just complete with random answers : if your accuracy drop under 70% you will NEVER work on that task again. If you have many tasks with accuracy under 70% you might get your account suspended.
– start with the easiest possible tasks (the one you know for sure you can make).  They have implemented a system in which the best payed tasks are given to the best workers : be sure you have accuracy over 90% on all task and you won’t regret it. Over 80% is still OK .
– now again let’s do a little math : you are finishing your training mod, they will reset your accuracy to 100%. If you miss the first payed task your accuracy will drop dramatically to 80% (4 out of 5) . If you missed the second one as well you will have 66% (4 out of 6) and you will never work on this task again . Yes, you can work on other tasks but you will be provided with the not the best payed ones. If you complete, let’s say 5 tasks correctly and you miss the 6th one (actually the 10th – with training included) your accuracy will drop to 90% which is not that bad.
– if you cannot complete tasks in training mode stop in training mode – your accuracy will not suffer. Choose other tasks or wait for more easier tasks to be available. If you think you cannot answer correctly one task just close it, do not click the Submit Task button.
– on every task there is a “control task” – based on what other workers have already answered. From time to time I have found wrong answers in the control task which flaged my work as wrongly done. You have the option to complete the Non fair text box or use CrowdFlower forum to re-establish your percentage but in both cases you may get a negative/no answer since this need to be done manually.
– check your status bar for the earned amount and for accuracy. Do your best to keep the accuracy as high as possible.
– check daily for easy and well paid tasks : those are done quicly by worker (everybody wants them), be sure you get your part of the pie.
– ask me /in forums about how to get a task done. The chances are you will get an answer.
– when getting experience try to work on the complex and well payed tasks. Try to win a contest and round your earnings.
– stay confident no matter if you win or lose.
That’s it for now, have a nice tasks hunt and don’t forget to visit my blog earnpage.wordpress.com for more honest online earning opportunities.

Thank you for reading !



  1. manish says:

    Good article about opportunity online! But you missed a name of platform of CrowdFlower, which pay more. If I’m right then you can check. Hope it’ll be add to your article.

  2. ivixx says:

    Grea info!

  3. Laquanda Simril says:

    you’ve gotten an amazing weblog here! would you wish to make some invite posts on my weblog?

  4. Rob says:

    CrowdFlower sometimes has some high-paying jobs, but it seems there is no guarantee that you will actually get your money. Often the tasks fail to pay at all, seemingly due to some failure of the website, and when people report the problem they often find that CrowdFlower support team completely ignores them for weeks on end, or until they give up wasting their time trying to retrieve their money.
    Yes, you can make money with crowdflower, but don’t complain if you get scammed, as this seems to be standard practice.

  5. Ron says:

    Great post man..I was looking for this kind of stuff as i am a newbie. Your post helped me a lot and could you tell me about some forums where i could discuss about CF tasks..

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